Rocking Chair

$20.00 /day

Wide rocking chair specially designed to facilitate breastfeeding, featuring a lumbar cushion for increased comfort and extra back support. High armrests provide ideal support when holding the baby close to the chest. It also boasts a high backrest for resting mom’s head.

External measurements: Height 37.4 inches, depth 35.4 inches, and front width 33.9 inches. Internal measurements: Backrest height 29.9 inches, seat depth 18.9 inches, and seat width 20.5 inches approx.

NOTE: This rocking chair is available for delivery to private homes and vacation rentals (e.g., Airbnb/VRBO), where we can enter. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this item for hotel stays as most hotels require us to leave items at the lobby. Due to its weight, size, and delicate material, we can only rent it for locations where we can deliver and pick up directly from the point of use. Thank you for your understanding
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